Polestar and Plugsurfing are launching a new public charging service in Europe called Polestar Charge. With over 650,000 compatible electric car charging points, Polestar Charge gives Polestar drivers access to the largest charging networks in Europe, including the Tesla Supercharger network1, IONITY, Recharge, Total, Fastned and Allego in one charging service. An optional monthly subscription fee2 enables a discounted rate of 30%3 on more than 28,000 charging points for Polestar Charge users.

Polestar is the first OEM in Europe to integrate the Tesla Supercharger network in its own charging app, Polestar Charge, offering customers access to Tesla’s charging expertise. It is preceded by Polestar’s announcement in 2023 that it will adopt Tesla’s NACS charging standard for Polestar drivers in North America. Simultaneously, in China, Polestar owners are now able to access the Tesla Supercharger network in over 200 cities, further boosting charger access.

Since 2020, Polestar 2 drivers in Europe have had access to public chargers within the Plugsurfing network, and special discounts on pricing. The new Polestar Charge service comes ahead of first European customer deliveries of Polestar 3 and Polestar 4, two new luxury electric performance SUVs.

“We know an important part of owning an electric car is being able to charge conveniently. With access to the largest networks in Europe and smart integration in Google Maps, we have made it easy for Polestar drivers to enjoy life with an electric car rather than worrying about where they will find their next charge,” comments Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO.  

With Polestar Charge, Polestar drivers have a more convenient solution to finding, accessing, and paying for public charging – reducing the need for additional subscriptions, apps, authentication methods or charging tags. This combines with the EV optimisation within Google Maps, which helps plan optimal charging stops along a route and activates a battery pre-conditioning function to help achieve the fastest possible charging speeds.


Notes to editors 

1. With over 14,000 Tesla Superchargers in over 1,000 different locations, Tesla’s Supercharger network is the largest and most reliable fast charging network in Europe, offering charging speeds of up to 250 kW. Polestar Charge only includes Tesla Supercharging stations accessible to non-Tesla EV drivers.

2. Monthly subscription fee of EUR 13.99.

3. 30% discount on standard prices in the Polestar Charge app.

The Polestar Charge subscription service is available to Polestar drivers in the following markets in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

About Polestar

Polestar (Nasdaq: PSNY) is the Swedish electric performance car brand determined to improve society by using design and technology to accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, its cars are available online in 27 markets globally across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Polestar plans to have a line-up of five performance EVs by 2026. Polestar 2, the electric performance fastback, launched in 2019. Polestar 3, the SUV for the electric age, launched in late 2022. Polestar 4, the SUV coupé transformed, is launching in phases through 2023 and into 2024. Polestar 5, an electric four-door GT and Polestar 6, an electric roadster, are coming soon.

The Polestar 0 project supports the company’s ambitious goal of creating a truly climate-neutral production car by 2030. The research initiative also aims to create a sense of urgency to act on the climate crisis, by challenging employees, suppliers and the wider automotive industry, to drive towards zero.

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